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Jacobine Buizer-Voskamp
Project manager Consortium on Individual Development
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Spread the word: CID position paper

Childhood development deserves a more prominent place in Horizon 2020 calls. Download the CID position paper and spread the word!
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The YOUth study has 1.000 participants!

'Joining YOUth means helping the children of the future': Charlotte Onland talks about the makeup of the cohort. What do we need to know about all these kids? 
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Comparing birdsong and human speech

Sita ter Haar started on her VENI project last January. She studies birdsong learning performance as a model of human speech and language acquisition, continuing on the work she started as a CID postdoc.
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Award for Ine Beyens and Patti Valkenburg

Dr. Ine Beyens and Professor Patti Valkenburg received a Top Paper Award from the International Communication Association, at the annual meeting of the ICA last May in San Diego, USA.
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Highlighted publications
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Edited special issue

Bolhuis, J.J. & Everaert, M.B.H. (Eds.) (2017) The Biology of Language. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, in press.
15 August
Tour de Consortium
Following last year’s Tour de Consortium in Utrecht, we are happy to announce to the second Tour de Consortium in Leiden.

4 October
Half-yearly CID meeting
From 12.30-17.30 hrs, Location: University Hall Utrecht

11 October
Tour de Consortium
The third Tour de Consortium will be held in Groningen. More information will follow.
Coming in April 2018
Fourth SAB meeting & CID symposium
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