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Thank you for the inspiring meeting

On Wednesday 7th November, over fifty CID researchers from across the country joined the CID meeting. Many of you stayed until the very end of the networking session. Special recognition for achieving this needs to go to the eight short presenters, who highlighted the variety of CID research and even gave us several definitions for the same acronym (ACE). In case you missed the meeting, check out the CID booklet to get a sense of the topics.

Personally, I could not have asked for a warmer welcome. In the past few months I've talked to several of you about your CID research projects, but also heard your thoughts and ideas for CID. It was very inspiring to meet the people that make up the CID consortium and learn about the wealth of research. The diverse research expertise on child development is also apparent in the wordcloud based on the expertise keywords you supplied for the CID website.

Your ideas already influenced this CID meeting and will continue to shape future CID activities. My mail box and door are always open for suggestions. With that in mind, if anyone has a great round table discussion topic for the next CID meeting: contact me!

Lotte Houtepen
Project Manager Consortium on Individual Development
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Science outreach

In the past months, several CID researchers participated in science outreach activities. At the Dutch Science Weekend, the Backstage in je Brein event in Leiden launched free teaching materials and a renewed website, while a booth and EEG workshop in Utrecht attracted many young children eager to learn about the brain.

Furthermore, in October YOUth researchers Wouter Boendermaker and Carlijn van den Boomen reached over 150 children with a demonstration at the University Museum in Utrecht.

Finally, Valeria Bonapersona not only published her research, but also developed an accompanying app: MaDEapp (Meta-Analysis Dopaminergic system and Early life stress).

Note that if you work at the UU, you can apply to the Seed Fund Public Engagement here.
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Screen media use and ADHD-related behaviors

In a review of four decades of research, now published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), CID researchers Ine Beyens and Patti Valkenburg with UvA colleague Jessica Taylor Piotrowski found that children's media use and ADHD-related behaviors are related, but that many questions remain.

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New CID faces

Six new PhD students and one postdoc have recently joined the CID community: Elizabeth Buimer WP1 PhD at the UMCU, Sofieke Kevenaar as WP3 PhD at the VU, Yentl de Kloe as WP1 PhD at the UU, Hidde Ozinga as WP3 PhD at the RUG, Ties Fakkel as WP1 PhD at the UU, Heiko Schmengler as WP1 PhD at the UU and Charlotte Vrijen as WP3 postdoc at the RUG.

Meet Elizabeth, Sofieke, Yentl, Hidde, Ties, Heiko and Charlotte »

Update cohorts

Both the Netherlands Twin Registry (NTR) and YOUth-cohort study have been busy. NTR is preparing for another wave of teacher surveys as well as recruitment of children of twins, while the YOUth-cohort study has already included 1550 pregnant women and 924 eight, nine or ten-year olds.

Online resources are also available with the release of an animated video about the YOUth-cohort study, while you can follow NTR research via twitter.

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Grants, prizes and promotions

Together with an international group of researchers, Carlijn van den Boomen, Roy Hessels, Caroline Junge and Chantal Kemner obtained an EU Marie Curie grant for the SAPIENS (ShAPIng the social brain through Early interactioNS) project.

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Highlighted publications
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Beyens, I., Valkenburg, P.M., & Piotrowski, J.T. (2018). Screen media use and ADHD-related behaviors in children and adolescents: Four decades of research. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 115(40):9875-9881.

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13th December 2018
Stress-NL Meeting

12th April 2019, 14.30h.
Andrik Becht will defend his PhD thesis: 'Becoming Certain of the Self Longitudinal Studies Into the Dynamics of (Daily) Identity Development'

6-8 May 2019, Sardinia, Italy
ACTION final meeting on aggression studies

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